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Certified iSpring professional

Level up your proficiency with iSpring software and increase your value in the field of eLearning with an iSpring certification.

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iSpring Software Certification Programs

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certified professional

Are you a business trainer, instructional designer, or eLearning developer?

Develop expertise in using the most advanced authoring tool from iSpring. Get certified as an iSpring Suite Professional and advance your career in eLearning.

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certified professional

Are you a training manager or HR specialist?

Take your knowledge of the iSpring Learn LMS to the next level. Get certified as an iSpring Learn Professional and increase the ROI of the training in your company.

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Why participate

Claim your expert status

Your iSpring Professional Certificate is proof of your expertise in using iSpring software to build eLearning courses and deliver training. A certificate will help you start — or advance — your career in the eLearning market.

Get new clients and projects

Earn the certificate and obtain exclusive access to the iSpring Talent Hub. Join the community of iSpring Professionals and land new job opportunities in L&D.

How it works

The Certificate Program consists of three stages: training, practice, and final assessment

Choose the product and complete the training

Dive into what iSpring’s authoring toolkit and the LMS have to offer. This training will reinforce your knowledge of iSpring software, and allow you to gain new skills.

  • Getting started
  • Creating a course with video
  • Recording a screencast
  • Creating an interaction
  • Creating a dialogue simulation
  • Creating a quiz
  • Configuring an audio narration for a course

Practice your skills and get feedback

Depending on the program you choose, you will be required to build a course or launch your online training portal with iSpring. Our experts will review your work and share valuable feedback.

What your assignment will look like:

Create a narration

Open your presentation and add a slide to it. Please find the content for the slide in the attachment.

Download the audio narration file attached and add the narration to the slide. Synchronize the audio with the slide’s animations.

Export the narrated presentation as an iSpring Suite project and attach it to this assignment.

What your assignment will look like:

Create a report

Create a Learners’ Progress report. Use the standard report template and add the following columns to it: Job Title, Sign-up date, User status, and Last seen.

Create a Materials report for the video you uploaded to the course. In addition to the standard fields, add Average time to view.

Export both reports as .xlsx files and attach them to this assignment.

Pass the final quiz

Your final assessment includes 34 questions on the product you’ve been mastering: iSpring Suite or iSpring Learn. The time to complete the test is limited. The minimum passing score is 80%.

Final Quiz Preview

Final Quiz Preview


You can start training right after checkout.


iSpring Suite Certification Program

iSpring Learn Certification Program

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How long is the certificate valid, how can I get one, and what skills are assessed in the program?

What is the duration of the Certification Program?

You will have 60 days to take the training, complete all assignments, and pass the final quiz. After 60 days, the program will close automatically. Please note that assignments in the course have deadlines, and the time allowed to complete the final test is 50 minutes.

Can I skip the training and go straight to the practical portion?

Yes, you can start completing the assignments right away. After you complete all the assignments, the final quiz will become available.

What skills are being assessed in the Program?

We assess how well you know the software through practical assignments and the final quiz. It’s the technical knowledge of the software that counts, not your creativity or instructional design skills.

How do I get my certificate?

After you complete all the assignments and pass the final quiz, a certificate will be issued automatically. You can print it out from your learner portal.

How long is the certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for 2 years. Once your certificate expires, you can purchase the program again and go through the certification process once more to revalidate your qualification.

How do I create a profile on the Talent Hub?

You will be added to the iSpring Talent Hub after you complete the program and receive your iSpring Professional Certificate. Our clients and partners use the Talent Hub to look for trainers, instructional designers, and other eLearning specialists for their projects. This can be a great career boost for you!

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