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iSpring Expert Reviews

See what global eLearning industry pros think about iSpring products. Use their insights to leverage the full potential of our solutions in your eLearning projects.

iSpring Suite

James Gilchrist: “iSpring Suite Helps Me and My Clients Reduce Project Development Time”

James Gilchrist

Instructional designer and the founder of Lighthouse L&D Consulting

Oct 17, 2023

James Gilchrist is an instructional designer, a seasoned L&D expert, and the founder of Lighthouse L&D Consulting, a company that helps people develop effective learning solutions. In this video review, James talks about his 10+ years of experience with iSpring Suite and explains why it has become the number one authoring tool for himself and many of his clients.

James discusses iSpring Suite’s extensive feature set and how he applies it to his eLearning projects. He focuses on the course player customization capabilities as the outstanding aspect of the tool’s functionality. He explains, “The power, control, and flexibility available to customize the iSpring player are always among the first things I highlight to new users.”

Dive deeper into James Gilchrist’s experience with iSpring Suite and discover how you can apply it to your eLearning projects in this video:

iSpring Page

Sam Taylor on How to Build a Beautiful ID Take-Home Project in iSpring Page


Instructional designer and author

Oct 17, 2023

Sam Taylor is a work-from-home instructional designer who is passionate about creating impactful learning content. In her recent video, Ms. Taylor uses iSpring Page to show viewers a simple way to turn text notes into take-home projects for ID job interviews and test tasks. 

Sam likes the combination of an intuitive interface with powerful features for creating interactive courses, pages, and quizzes. Her favorite feature is Flashcards: iSpring Page enabled her to create them in a few clicks to help learners memorize and practice key terms on the spot. She also enjoys the preview option to see how her project will display on various screens.  

Watch the video below to see the full review and find out more about Sam Taylor’s great experience with iSpring Page:

iSpring Page

Frank Bergdoll Creates an Engaging Course in Minutes With iSpring Page


Learning and Technology Expert

Oct 5, 2023

In the projects he works on, learning and technology professional Frank Bergdoll often needs to create additional learning materials to boost knowledge retention and track learner progress. To do this quickly and efficiently, Frank is constantly on the lookout for robust tools. In this review, he explores iSpring Page, an AI-powered authoring platform that works in a browser.

Frank demonstrates how to use iSpring Page to create an engaging course with interactive elements, including videos and quizzes. He enjoys the quality of the AI-generated content and seamlessly integrates it into the course along with other materials. He also highlights the possibility of co-authoring courses in iSpring Page for those who create learning content as a team effort.

Watch the full video and use Mr. Bergdoll’s insights to enhance your course-building practices in iSpring Page:

iSpring Page

Dr. John Pauls Builds a Course in iSpring Page: “The integrated AI feature is phenomenal.”

Dr. John Pauls

Instructional designer, eLearning expert, speaker, and content creator

Oct 5, 2023

Dr. John Pauls is an instructional design professional and content creator who helps people navigate the realm of eLearning. As an AI-in-education enthusiast, John was excited to try out iSpring Page, a cloud-based authoring tool that now features iSpring AI. This robust assistant generates content and enhances course design for you. 

Dr. Pauls shows how to create a course in real time by taking advantage of suggestions made by iSpring AI. In just 17 minutes, he builds a 3-chapter course enriched with links, videos, and design elements that make the content visually appealing and readily digestible for learners.  

John admits he is blown away by the tool and encourages viewers to check it out.

Watch the full video to see how John turns an idea into an actual eLearning course with iSpring AI:

iSpring Suite

Lindsay O’Neill Creates a Slick Portfolio with iSpring Portfolio Builder

Lindsay O`Neill

Freelance instructional designer and eLearning developer

Sep 29, 2023

Lindsay O’Neill is a professional instructional designer and educator who teaches a graduate instructional design program. In this review, Lindsay takes a close look at iSpring Portfolio Builder and walks you through the steps to create a professional-looking portfolio in a way that’s quick, easy, and fun.

What Lindsay especially liked about iSpring Portfolio Builder is the ability to publish and display previously created eLearning courses directly in the portfolio. She also enjoyed customizing her portfolio appearance via iSpring Space by adding various elements to her page. 

Learn more about Lindsay’s experience with iSpring Portfolio Builder and take advantage of the professional tips she provides in this YouTube video:

iSpring Suite

Lindsay O'Neil on iSpring Suite 11

Lindsay O`Neill

Freelance instructional designer and eLearning developer

Aug 23, 2023

Lindsay O’Neill is a seasoned instructional designer with a passion for all things educational. The focus of her review is iSpring Suite 11: Lindsay shows viewers how to use it, what features she finds especially useful, and boasts a demo course she created with the tool. 

Among iSpring Suite’s many powerful features, Lindsay’s personal favorite is Role-Play. She finds it a great asset for creating simulations, branching scenarios, and dialogue-based training. She also walks the viewers through the various interactions included in the tool and explains how to apply them to courses quickly and easily. 

To learn more about Lindsay O’Neill’s expert insights into iSpring Suite 11, watch the full review:

iSpring Suite

Jeff Blackman Enjoys the New iSpring Portfolio Builder

Jeff Blackman

L&D professional and learning career expert

Aug 14, 2023

Jeff Blackman is a learning and development specialist with over 20 years of experience. His YouTube channel is a gold mine for instructional designers, trainers, and education experts who want to enhance their learning practices. 

In this review, Jeff goes into detail about the advantages of iSpring’s Portfolio Builder. He praises its interface for being powerful yet easy to navigate. Jeff walks the viewers through all the steps of creating, editing, and sharing an eLearning portfolio, providing actionable tips and insights in the process. 

Watch Jeff’s full video review below – you can use it as a how-to guide on creating and improving your own portfolio!

iSpring Suite

Frank Bergdoll on How to Showcase Your Courses Like a Pro with iSpring’s Portfolio Builder

Frank Bergdoll

Learning and Technology Expert

Aug 6, 2023

As an experienced learning professional whose approach combines traditional educational methods with modern tech solutions, Frank Bergdoll knows how important it is for experts in the learning industry to choose the right strategies to advance their careers. 

In this review, Frank shows how iSpring’s Portfolio Builder helps both aspiring and seasoned professionals showcase their skill sets to prospective clients, partners, and employers. It’s a robust solution for creating a customizable portfolio that highlights your best projects, experience, and other relevant information. “You can demonstrate just how valuable you are because you can help people learn by creating great content to learn with,” he concludes.

Watch the full review and see how to make the most of the iSpring Portfolio Builder:

iSpring Suite

Frank Bergdoll’s Guide to iSpring Suite’s Custom Character Feature


Learning and Technology Expert

Aug 3, 2023

Frank Bergdoll is a learning expert who combines traditional techniques with cutting-edge brain science and technology to create strategies for productive learning. Frank considers storytelling as one of the key elements of education, and believes that characters can act as learners’ guides in their journey toward greater knowledge.

In this video review, Frank Begdoll explores iSpring Suite’s Character Builder and explains how to make the most of it. He enjoys its advanced set of filters, including age, ethnicity, and profession, that allow you to quickly take a great pick out of a wide selection of ready-made characters. He also shows how to create a custom character that suits your learning content perfectly and fosters engagement and inclusivity in your audience. 

Watch the full video and learn from Frank Bergdoll’s iSpring Suite expertise below:

iSpring Suite

Marina Arshavskiy on How to Leverage iSpring’s Custom Characters and Portfolio Builder

Marina Arshavskiy

Instructional design consultant

Aug 3, 2023

Marina Arshavskiy is an award-winning instructional design and eLearning expert. She helps businesses create engaging eLearning solutions with best practices, top theories, and actionable strategies. Marina previously reviewed iSpring Suite Max and was impressed by its powerful yet intuitive interface. 

In this fresh blog review, Marina delves deeper into two signature iSpring features: Custom Characters and Portfolio Builder. In the first part of the review, she explains how Characters can boost learner engagement and promote diversity in your courses. She then shares actionable tips on how to leverage iSpring Portfolios to attract new job opportunities and clients. 

Read the full review to tap into Marina’s experience with iSpring Suite and use her insights to enhance your eLearning projects.