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Free quiz maker for testing learners online

Create interactive quizzes with ready-made question templates. Share your quizzes online and get insightful reports on learners’ results. Pay nothing!

Check out these engaging quizzes built with iSpring’s free quiz maker

Build online quizzes in minutes

iSpring Free comes with three question templates: Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Short Answer. Simply choose a question template, fill it with content, and your online quiz is ready to go!

What element does the symbol Ag stand for?


Multiple Choice

Which of the following are examples of ecosystems?


Multiple Response

The only satellite of the Earth is ...

Short answer

A free quiz builder that goes far beyond knowledge assessment

Add a touch of excitement to quizzes and let your learners reinforce their knowledge in a way that’s both fun and interactive.

Engage your learners

Complement your quizzes with images and videos, and even build audio-based quiz questions to check learners’ comprehension.

Get reliable results

Randomize questions, shuffle answer options, and set a time limit for answering each question to prevent guessing and cheating.

Boost knowledge retention

Provide detailed feedback to help learners review their mistakes, and add slides with additional information on a topic.

Your quizzes look perfect on any device

Your learners can take assessments on any device. Quizzes seamlessly adapt to the screen of any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

How to make an interactive quiz with iSpring Free

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1. Choose a question type

Select between three question templates, type in questions and answer options, and add images and media.

2. Publish your quiz

Export your quiz to HTML5 to embed it on your site, email it to your learners, or publish a quiz to SCORM and upload it to your LMS.

3. Collect quiz results

Enable quiz results to be sent to your email, LMS, or server automatically and find out how well your students are doing.

Much more than a quiz maker

iSpring Free integrates with PowerPoint and allows you to turn your PPT slides into online courses in a few clicks. Create a presentation, enhance it with a quiz, and publish it in an online format. And that's it — your online course is ready.

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Up your quiz and course creation game with iSpring Suite

Build advanced quizzes with 14 question types, drag-and-drop activities, and a customizable design. Develop professional courses that will take your training to the next level.

Question types available
Question types available
Drag-and-drop activities
Drag-and-drop activities
Role-play simulations
Role-play simulations
Screencasts and video tutorials
Screencasts and video tutorials
Audio/video narrations
Audio/video narrations
Customizable player settings
Customizable player settings
Preset course templates
Preset course templates
Ready-made characters and locations
Ready-made characters and locations
AI voiceovers
AI voiceovers
24/7 tech support
24/7 tech support

Frequently asked questions about iSpring’s free quiz builder

Are there any hidden costs in iSpring Free?

No. iSpring Free is completely free to use. You can create unlimited quizzes and courses without paying a cent.

Is iSpring Free a free online quiz

No, iSpring Free is not an online tool. It is a PowerPoint add-in, so it works as desktop software.

Can I create multiple-choice quizzes with iSpring Free?

Definitely! iSpring Free comes with a multiple-choice question template, so you can easily build multiple-choice quizzes. Besides, it allows you to create multiple response quizzes in which a user needs to select one or more answers, as well as short answer questions in which they’re required to write an answer in an empty field.

Can I create surveys with iSpring Free?

Sure. With iSpring’s free quiz creator, you can build graded quizzes to assess learners’ knowledge and make surveys to gather information, opinions, or feedback from respondents. Graded quizzes contain questions with a mandatory correct answer among the available options. And questions in a survey don’t have correct answers, allowing students to express their opinions without being accessed.

Why do I need to build SCORM quizzes?

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a widely used standard for eLearning content. By creating SCORM quizzes, you ensure that they will work seamlessly with almost any learning management system (LMS), thus making it easier to distribute and track your quizzes.

SCORM quizzes enable you to track learners' progress and view results. You can collect data on quiz scores, completion rates, and time spent on each question. This data can help you identify areas where learners might be struggling and then make the adjustments that are needed to improve the effectiveness of your eLearning courses.

iSpring Free allows you to publish quizzes either to SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004. To select the appropriate standard for your quizzes, you first need to learn which SCORM format your LMS supports.

How can I create quizzes that
provide reliable results?

To get accurate quiz results, follow these simple practices:
•  Shuffle questions so they’ll appear in a different order each time an online quiz is run. This prevents learners from sharing answers with each other because they won't know the sequence of the test questions.
•  Set a time limit to answer each question. Time limits create pressure and reduce the chances of a quiz taker seeking external assistance.
•   Shuffle answer choices. When the answer choices are shuffled, it becomes more challenging for quiz takers to guess the correct answer based on its position, and it’s impossible to copy it from others. This encourages them to rely on their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

What kind of quizzes can I create with iSpring Free?

iSpring Free is a great solution, whether you need to create a quiz to test your learners’ knowledge or just craft a fun quiz for your friends. It’s perfect for educational purposes and a good fit for creating trivia quizzes and even personality tests.

How does the quiz maker in iSpring
Suite differ from iSpring Free?

Unlike iSpring’s free version, which comes with three question templates, iSpring Suite offers 14 templates that let you provide an engaging learning experience. They include ubiquitous multiple-choice and true/false question formats, as well as engaging fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, and Likert scale survey question types. You can also create open-ended questions if you want your learners to give answers in free form without restrictions.

Another significant difference between the tools is that iSpring Suite allows you to create your own quiz design. You can easily fine-tune your question slide’s look and feel by choosing one of the pre-designed themes or creating one yourself. The tool enables you to customize the layout, color, background, and fonts. You can also customize the quiz player by adjusting the color scheme and enabling transparency for the player and slide background.

How can I make a quiz more engaging?

Using different question types and adding interactions is a surefire way to make a quiz more fun. Mix common multiple-choice questions with drag-and-drop and hotspot activities to inspire curiosity and keep learners involved.

Also, you can create a quiz with custom feedback. Make it bright by using encouraging phrases like “Fantastic job!” or “You’ll nail it next time!” and providing a brief explanation of why learners were mistaken if they gave an incorrect answer.